• 2016 Fall Retreat 10.21.16-10.23.16








    This lovely group met long before the retreat to create the swag bags for all of the attendees.

    Some of the completed bags.  All ready for quilters to arrive.


    Half  of the attendees arrived on Thursday for an early set-up and it was Ladies, start your sewing machines.  After enjoying a pizza and salad dinner, it was on for sewing, sewing, sewing.

    Friday Morning and afternoon groups 1 and 2 arrive.

    This day was filled with creating our individual projects with a couple demonstrations by members interspersed.  Chelsea demonstrated a method for cutting bias strips.  Then Pam demonstrated her slice and shift method of construction.

    Saturday involved two more demos.  Tina demonstrated bowl creation using clothes line rope (of course, the backdrop contains some of her new creations), and Gene demonstrated sashiko embroidery.

    Later in the afternoon a dice game was played with Gene winning all the loot — or clips.  She scored.

    Lori’s baby quilt for their step-step great-grandaughter, stepson’s stepson’s daughter — “Modern Family” new addition.    All love.

    And to toot my own horn, I’m pretty happy with this quilt I created for a friend who is sick. As quilters, that’s what we do.  And besides, it lasts longer than cookies.


    Watching Karen turn all of these above into

    this masterpiece was a real treat 🙂  True artist, this girl.

    Sunday started with door prizes of fabulous quilting stuff donated by generous sponsors.  We managed to gather everyone for a group photo to document that we were all there and had a fabulous time. And then time to bid adieu to another great retreat and start looking forward to next year.


    Hope to see everyone next year.

    Photo credit goes to Karen Foster. Thanks so much.

    And an extra huge thank you to Gabrielle for all of her planning and making this work.



  • SBAMQG Has A Local Showing

    February was a busy month of quilt shows for the SBAMQG. QuiltCon West was in Pasadena, February 18-21. Just a week later, the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association, which is a large traditional quilt guild here in Santa Cruz, had their annual show at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. As they have done in the past, the PVQA graciously invited us to have our own exhibit within their show. We put together a striking display showing a nice variety of our work and did a lot to educate the public on modern quilting.


    We showed off some of the small quilts we made for our modern quilting design element challenge. Shown above (clockwise from upper left) are challenge quilts by Renee Tallman, Laura Ryle, Lori Green, and Karen Foster.


    Pam Rocco’s challenge quilt, Merydith Fox’s quilt from Pam’s Stacked Bricks workshop, and Pam’s quilt from our Much Ado About Nothing workshop with Tina Michalik.


    Two chair-themed challenge quilts by Pam Rocco, and Merydith Fox’s quilt made from assorted Freddie Moran workshop blocks.


    Two of Renee Tallman’s updated orange peel quilts, along with challenge quilts by Gene Ratcliffe, Elaine Hebard, and Pamela Stein.


    Lynne Nostrant’s Fair Isle quilt, along with Jeannie Land’s challenge quilt, and Pam Rocco’s deconstructed courthouse steps.


    Two challenge quilts by Lynne Nostrant, and Renee Tallman’s scrappy drunkard’s path.


    Two examples of Pam Rocco’s wonderful improv.


    A pair of Modern Amish by Mickey Beebe.

    IMG_3573 IMG_3581

    Several SBAMQG members also had quilts scattered around the main show and I was able to get pictures of a few of those as well. Here are two churn dash variations by Mickey Beebe, including a Judges Choice ribbon winner for Churn Dash Boogie-Woogie!

    IMG_3575 IMG_3576

    Karen Foster’s Amish Lattice and Perspective.

    IMG_3569 IMG_3578

    Gene Ratcliffe’s Amish-inspired Bars/Extreme Values, and Laura Ryle’s Chicken Marsala.

    IMG_3585 IMG_3583

    Carole Rossi showed two beautiful improv designs: Winter Abstract and On The Fulcrum.

    IMG_3587 IMG_3571

    Libby Ernst’s Churned Up, and Lori Green’s Home Sweet Home were both colorful and sophisticated.

    Thank you to the PVQA for again including us in their show. All in all, it was a wonderful February of quilt shows for the SBAMQG, but there’s no time to waste. There’s always another show on the horizon, so let’s get quilting!

    (photo credit Renee Tallman)


  • QuiltCon West 2016 Report

    The Modern Quilt Guild’s international conference and show, QuiltCon, was a few weeks ago and the members of the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild could not have been more excited to participate! QuiltCon happens every February in various locations and this year it was just a 6-7 hour road trip away, in Pasadena, CA, which made it easy for many of our members to attend. The MQG prepares for QuiltCon all year and all the hard work results in an amazing four-day event that we really look forward to.

    People come to QuiltCon from all over the world to immerse themselves in the very best in modern quilting. We attend workshops and lectures by well-known instructors. We view hundreds of beautiful and unique quilts that have been carefully selected for the show. There are excellent prizes in various categories of quilting and there are fun quilting challenges. There are special exhibits of quilts made by legendary artists and a huge collection of charity quilts made by Modern Quilt Guild chapters around the world. Many of us are able to volunteer at the show and it is really fun to be a part of the action. We enjoy spending time with old and new friends and meeting up with acquaintances from social media.


    Trading buttons is another fun part of QuiltCon. Here, a happy quilter shows the beginning of a superb button collection!

    For the SBAMQG, the best part of the show was the fact that we had such a strong presence. A large contingent of our members was able to be there, several of whom had quilts in the show (including prize winners), and our charity quilt “Dovetailed” could not be missed.

    lecture panel mickey karen

    Here is our charity quilt displayed on the lecture hall stage and modeled by SBAMQG members Mickey Beebe and Karen Foster.

    mickey's ribbon

    We were also very excited to see that Mickey’s quilt, “Eichler Homes,” won first place in the EZ Quilting Triangle Challenge category.


    As if that was not enough, “Eichler Homes” was also pictured in a QuiltCon banner outside the Pasadena Convention Center during the show! We are so proud of Mickey!

    Other SBAMQG members had quilts in the show too:


    Pam Rocco shows her “House Plan” quilt which is, yes, a floor plan of her house.

    IMG_3526 IMG_3538

    Anne Sullivan had a few quilts in the show, including “Mountain Sunrise” and “Transcendence.”

    IMG_3543 IMG_3545

    Here are Tami Levin’s Amish-inspired “Songs of a Distant Lancaster” and “Putting on the Glitz,” which was made for the Michael Miller Glitz fabric challenge. It is also important to mention that Tami long-arm quilted a few other quilts in the show, including “Eichler Homes” and “Mountain Sunrise,” (both shown above.)

    For many members, the socializing is as important as the quilts themselves. Here are just a few of our members who managed to pop into a photo or two:


    Gabrielle, Lori, Chelsea, Pat, Emily, and Laura make a happy group.

    karen barbara C. carolyn I

    Karen, Barbara, and Carolyn stop for a smile.

    Carol K, anne Anne Julia

    Anne pals around with Carole and long-lost SBAMQG member, Julia.


    Chelsea shows off her workshop progress.

    karen chelsea gabrielle

    Karen, Chelsea, and Gabrielle smile sweetly.

    lori pat

    Lori and Pat are having too much fun during their volunteer shift.

    Time to start planning for QuiltCon East, in Savannah, GA, February 23-26, 2017. Hope you can make it!

    (photo credit Karen Foster)



  • 2016 Row by Row Experience

    At our January meeting, Tina Michalik, SBAMQG founder and former president, and current fabric expert at Hart’s fabrics, announced the 2016 Row by Row Experience. What is the Row by Row Experience, you ask? Here’s the scoop:

    The Row by Row Experience (RxR) is sort of like a fabric store shop hop. But only sort of. Instead of having several fabric shops from a small geographic region link together for a weekend of activities, over 2500 shops in the USA and Canada will be participating for the entire summer. Visit as many of these shops as you can and collect a free pattern at each shop for their exclusive “row.” At the end of the summer, use your favorite patterns to make a row-style quilt in this year’s theme, which is “Home Sweet Home.” Did I mention that there are prizes? For instance, be the first to show your quilt (using eight or more rows) to a participating shop and win fabric. For more details, visit this website: rowbyrowexperience

    Do you need more info? Watch this video: RxR video

    Now here is the most special part. Our own Hart’s Fabric will be participating in the RxR this summer and they have asked us, the SBAMQG, to help them design the row for their free pattern. Here is what Hart’s wants from each of us:

    Following the theme “Home Sweet Home,” design a row pattern.

    -Row must be 36-1/2 wide (unfinished)

    -Row may be no taller than 9-1/2 inches (unfinished)

    Note: Your row may be horizontal or vertical, but must follow these measurements.

    -Be creative and have fun with the theme! Any method is fine: pieced, appliqué, paper piecing, embroidery, etc.

    A few notes from Tina:

    Hart’s Fabric will select the winner from all who submit an original design within the parameters of the challenge listed above. Hart’s wants to encourage and partner with the Modern Quilt Guild so please bring a modern aesthetic to your design. Use of solids is strongly encouraged! Submission of design is due at the May guild meeting so there is still lots of time to think of and design something amazing! Hart’s Fabric will be featuring the designer and their row at the store, as well as selling kits all summer. Winning designer will also receive a $100 gift certificate to Hart’s Fabric.

    Let’s get inspired and design something that will really stand out and have people asking for the pattern.

    The pattern will be handed out for free to anyone who comes in the store and asks for it. It’s your decision how you present your pattern: black and white or color printing, to bag or not, freebie included (button, etc.)

    What does “Home Sweet Home” mean to you? It’s going to be so exciting to see what our talented guild members come up with!



  • 2015 Fall Retreat

    The SBAMQG 4th Annual Fall Retreat has come and gone, and what an event it was! The weekend, October 9-12, was warm and comfy. The location was the Happy Valley Conference Center, a lovely venue in the redwood forest of Santa Cruz, made even better by the fact that it is less than 10 minutes from our home base of Hart’s Fabric. The campers were a friendly bunch, the creativity was off the charts, and the retreat committee knocked it out of the park!

    IMG_1004 IMG_1036

    First and foremost, a thank-you goes out to the terrific committee who did such a great job planning, organizing, and setting up everything so the rest of us could just relax. Their efforts did not go unnoticed. Thank you to Karen, Merydith, Eileen, Jeannie, Gabrielle, Heidi, and Mary!

    IMG_0869 IMG_1042

    Secondly, but equally as important, a huge thank you goes out to these wonderful sponsors who raised it to another level with their generous donations: Aurifil, The Warm Company, Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabric, Quilter’s Dream Batting, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Back Porch Fabrics, and Harts Fabric. The SBAMQG loves you!!

    IMG_0858 IMG_1087-1

    IMG_0909 IMG_1040

    Our sponsors provided all sorts of goodies for our gorgeous swag bags (made by SBAMQG volunteers), game prizes, and door prizes. So much fun!

    IMG_0870 IMG_1292

    Some of us worked late into the night.


    Some of us learned new skills through demos.


    And some of us took breaks to swing under the redwoods.

    IMG_1083-1 IMG_0888

    IMG_1010 IMG_0899

    With no interruptions (well, except for food, massages, s’mores, hikes, and more food) we accomplished many things.

    IMG_1082-1 IMG_1055 IMG_0865IMG_0990-1 IMG_0944 IMG_0874IMG_0953 IMG_0873

    Impressive, right? If you haven’t yet attended one of our retreats, you are really missing out on a lot of fun.


    Hope you decide to join us next year!

    (photo credit Karen Foster)