April 2017 Meeting Recap

Chelsea brought our meeting to order at Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz at 6:38 p.m.

Stay tuned for next month’s meeting place.

East Bay Modern Quilters and East Bay Heritage Quilters are hosting a Community Sewing Day on Sunday,  April 9th.  Have fun attending a day of making charity quilts for The Children’s Quilt Project.  Bring your sewing machine – or not.  Fabric kits will be provided.

Our question of the meeting was :  Let us know about your favorite rotary cutter

The general favorite boiled down to whatever rotary cutter you really like 🙂  Lots of Olfa 45 mentioned.

Our fall retreat is completely full.  If anyone is interested in joining in all the fun, be sure to get your name on the waitlist.

Barbara Cuseo presented a demonstration on curved piecing and bias tape applique.




Door prizes were won by Lori, Anna, Tami  & Linda.  Happy faces all around.

Pam Rocco workshop:  6.17.17.  $35 for members.  Community Foundation in Aptos is location.

She gave us our choice of three patterns for us to learn and we chose Cheap Thrills.

Next month be sure to bring your completed blocks of the month, the “h” block, or chairs – name is your choice.

Sew & Tell:

Mickey mentioned the show at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles –  Modern Quilt Guild.  Mickey’s Eichler Homes quilt is in the book, as well as Pam’s House Plan.

Gene shared about a fabric oppotrunity – FabMo.

Pam:  Mugs, mugs and more mugs

Mo:  Winter/denim

baby quilt

Marlyne:   Completed quilt started in Latifah Saafir’s class.

Also shared a crochet project she’s involved in – Coral Reef Project

Izzy:      Quilt she designed, constructed and quilted as a gift for her mom.  Way to go, Izzy.

Melodie:        shared a quilt that was tulip inspired.  For such a new member, she’s really prolific.  Keep the good stuff coming, Melodie.


Thanks for pictures by Renee

March 2017 Meeting Recap



General Meeting

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


President Chelsea announced discounted items for the evening.  Thank you, Hart’s.

  • 30% on Aurifil thread, 20% on wide back fabric, 15% on fabrics by Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler

Meeting date will be changed to the 3rd Tuesday of the month starting in May.

The “Question of the Day” was Name your favorite experience from QuiltCon or PVQA quilt shows.  The general theme from all of the answers is that quilt shows let us know what  a great community we are involved in, and they are incredibly inspirational.  

  • Renee and Laura received ribbons in the PVQA show this year.
  • Mickey has two quilts being shown in International Quilt Fest in Chicago, and then on to Houston
  • Karen’s Bee Social group placed first in their group at QuiltCon in Savannah.  The QDAD group received lots of attention.  Not to mention that three of her own quilts were in the show.

Gabrielle announced that SBAMQG has a presence on Instagram at #SBAMQG

Workshops coming up:

  • Sujata Shah      4.02.17  9:30 – 4:30      Participation will be opened up to other local guilds
  • Tara Faughnan  11.11.17 and 11.12.17.  

Annual retreat will be held 10.19.17 through 10.22.17

  • $50 deposit will be accepted now
  • Sign up through email
  • Volunteers needed
    • Swag Bags and Gifts for attendees
    • Procuring raffle prizes
    • Set up and Clean up

Hart’s is looking for a teacher  to present a paper piecing class.  Anybody interested?

MQG member benefits:

  • There are many benefits of membership offered through the web site – Community Site
  • “Fresh Quilting” is a new quilting show offered.  Premiered at QuiltCon


  • Tonight the comma blocks were all due.  Laura Ryle won the drawing.
  • Pam announced the next BoM.  “h” blocks.  The pattern was published in “Quilter’s Newsletter” magazine.  Completed blocks due at the May meeting.  Use solids or polka dots.  Blue background fabric is available.     

Wow, busy meeting.   🙂

Fabulous creations were shared:
Mo sure has patience to do all these tiny, tiny pieces 🙂

Karen’s Creation

  Gene’s Ziggy Zaggy
  Merydith’s Sweet Girl
  Love Gabrielle’s personalization

for backs

  Anna’s miniature
  Eileen has a lucky sister 🙂
  Muriel, great colors.  

Rainbow goodness

  Melodie, nice entrance into

our group.  Welcome.

  Gabrielle has been busy
  I think Chelsea is behind

this masterpiece


  One of Pam’s many creations
  Tammy works her magic

A huge thank-you from the SBAMQG goes out to Hart’s Fabrics for their generosity in hosting our guild again this year. We love you to pieces!

(photo credit Karen Foster)

January 2017 Meeting Recap

We launched into a new year with a few announcements and new member and guest welcomes.  Today is the final day for dues to be renewed in order to stay active on the roster – and to keep all of the wonderful benefits that go along with active membership.

As a thank you to our two outgoing board members, in lieu of blocks, Renee has requested solid scraps – 2″ minimum – and Pam has requested ugly fabric.  Should be easy to gather and bring to the February meeting.  I can tell you first-hand that this is a tiny, tiny thank you for all that they have done for the guild.

Our “Question of the Day” was Describe your oldest Work In Progress – WIP.  The winner of the oldest WIP was Jeannie – 32 years tucked away in that cupboard.  You should get many continued hours of entertainment out of the Sisters Quilt Show The Men Behind the Quilt calendar. 



And continuing the WIP theme, Chelsea announced a year-long challenge for all of us to complete as many WIPs as possible.  Be sure to upload your projects to Instagram #sbamqgwipitgood. Enter up to 6 projects, finish one or     all  – and that’s all the way to binding applied – by the end of the year and be entered to win a “Fabulous” prize.


SBAMQG members post up to 6 works in progress (WIPs) by January 31st,, 2017, using the hashtag #sbamqgwipitgood.  WIPs are considered anything from a pile of fabric with good intentions to a finished but unquilted top.  Post your pictures of your finished work using the hashtag throughout the year (no progress shots using the hashtag, please).  For every WIP finished by November 30th, 2017, you’ll be entered to win a fabulous celebrity quilt prize.

On February 5 our member Anna B. has graciously agreed to teach us the Open Wide bag she was creating at the retreat.  Class will be at the Foundation in Aptos starting at 10:00.  Class fee of $16 includes the pattern, with each participant to bring fun fabric, a heavy-duty zipper/sports or handbag type, and Soft and Stable batting.

Teacup Challenge is rapidly approaching.  Tops need to be entered online by 1.09.17. Bring completed entries to February meeting or to quilt show for display.


Introducing – Da-Dah – Bimonthly Block of the Month.  Pam Rocco gave us a demo of the first block, Comma Block.  The instructions will be posted on our community website.  Any questions may be directed to Pam.  Have fun making the block and bring them finished to the March meeting – as in “bi” monthly.  One entry will go with one block into the drawing, which will be winner take all.


Show & Tell:

Pam – quilted herself 


Lori – Sujata Shah Lattice


Gene – triptych from silk ties 

Renee – teacup challenge 

Laura – teacup challenge

Kathrin – Sugar Plum runner and Apron    

Mo – Baby quilt

Karen – teacup challenge

Isabel – quilt designed with Quiltography


Mary – kimonos WIP


A huge thank-you from the SBAMQG goes out to Hart’s Fabrics for their generosity in hosting our guild again this year. We love you to pieces!

(photo credit Karen Foster)






December 2016 Meeting Recap

The December SBAMQG meetings are always special and this month was no exception. As always, it was a night of end-of-the-year business, holiday fun, and excitement for the new year.

On the business end, we covered refreshments sign-ups, name buttons, and lost and found items. We teased an upcoming bag workshop and presented our 2017 QuiltCon East charity quilt top:

31384172411_a9779b21cf_z 31499747435_74ef61cbe5_z

We were reminded of a couple important dates. Membership dues must be paid by the January meeting if you want to stay on the MQG roster and our teacups challenge quilt tops are due by the January meeting as well. C’mon everyone – let’s put together another awesome exhibit to show off our modern quilts!


For holiday fun, we feasted on a delicious potluck and had a holiday quilt raffle. Congrats to Ruby Dosen for winning a one-of-a-kind Pam Rocco original, “The Holidays According to Pam Rocco.” We also played a very spirited game of “Swap the Quilt Book.”

30690901463_30b9e76e23_z 31462223646_5566456303_z

Excitement for the new year focused mostly on our election of new officers. Our new board for 2017 consists of:

President – Chelsea Hard; Vice Presidents – Barbara Cuseo and Carolyn Irish; Treasurer – Gabrielle Robles; Secretary – Pat Goulet. What a great group of ladies!

Sew and tell had a few challenge finishes from Isabelle, Karen, and Mickey:

30658829134_9d399b70a2_z 31499896885_8b798abc02_z 31499865025_791a483f27_z

Gene showed a top made from neckties and Pam showed a new top as well:

30658876154_2cde80a9a0_z 30690974373_6573c83094_z

Merydith and Gabrielle presented new quilting:

31128782440_da0c5b00b6_z 31353482672_1fba69dc44_z

Darlene shared progress on two quilts:

31353515892_2142d5877d_z 31462275476_a9cc6733bc_z

Laura showed off her beautiful free-motion work:


Lori shared hexies and Emily shared a perfectly planned spiderweb top.

31462287856_8dc9534aa2_z 31499860265_3734f579bb_z

A huge thank-you from the SBAMQG goes out to Hart’s Fabrics for their generosity in hosting our guild again this year. We love you to pieces!

(photo credit Karen Foster)


November 2016 Meeting Recap

The South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild rung in November with another great meeting and it was a REAL winner! We started out with a discussion of our “bucket list” quilts. It was interesting to learn about our guild mates’ dreams for future quilt accomplishments. There were so many answers to this question but we did notice some trends throughout the conversation. For instance, we really want to finesse our hand work, with hand applique, hand piecing, hand quilting, and hand embellishing all making the list. Equally as important, many of us want to complete a really LARGE quilt. We also have our sights set on some well-known patterns ranging from super modern to updated traditional. It seems that what we really want is to improve our skills while expressing ourselves as quilters, with impressive works that we can be super proud of.

Other notable items on the agenda tonight included our December meeting which will include the election for new 2017 guild officers, a book swap, a potluck, and the group challenge we are working on for our exhibit at the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association’s quilt show in February. Here is a peek at the challenge, which was presented by Karen Foster:

img_4605 img_4641

As mentioned at the top of this post, there was a lot of winning going on at tonight’s meeting. After drawing names for 11 door prizes, we drew a name for our fabulous prize basket for early 2017 dues payment. Congrats goes out to Muriel, the lucky winner of the basket! And, as always, our guild won big thanks to Hart’s Fabric for hosting our monthly meeting and offering members-only discounts. Tonight’s deal was on all solid fabrics and we shopped like crazy!

Apparently we have also been sewing like crazy, because we had so much to share! Here is a slightly edited down sew and tell:

img_4639 img_4650

Susan and Tina shared samples for classes they are teaching at Hart’s. Susan also shared a pair of log cabins:

img_4623 img_4613

Pam only finished eight tops this month. Here are a few:

img_4649 img_4628 img_4622 img_4611

Tiffany finished her 1/4-log cabin but made it her own with multi-colored ties, OMG!:


Tiffany also completed a couple of small quilts:

img_4648 img_4666

Merydith and Laura have been working with cute animals this month:

img_4607 img_4637

Karen and Pat shared some lovely triangle works:

img_4630 img_4653

Mary P. and Mary C. were thinking brights:

img_4646 img_4671

Gene shared an exotic wallhanging and Tina shared her unique Dresden plates:

img_4655 img_4651

And, we end with Chelsea’s new Single Girl and Merydith’s vintage Wedding Ring:

img_4606 img_4616

See you next month at our December meeting. You won’t want to miss it.

(photo credit Karen Foster)