First Sew Day of 2013

The South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild had the year’s first sew day.  From 10 am until 10 pm we pieced, sashed, topped, sandwiched, basted and quilted lots of quilts.

First order of business was to team up and collaborate on our Quiltcon donation quilt.  Sew day enabled us to work as a group.  Here’s Carol measuring away…


And here’s Rebecca tending to the blocks and placing them into perfectly imperfect rows…


Which resulted in THIS…


And now pieced together with Kona Ash and looks like THIS!!


We quickly basted…


Karen got her gloves on and went at it…

karen quilting1

And she made some major progress…


Look at the lovely teardrop quilting.

Besides the quiltcon project, other projects were being worked on…


Jenny started a project after taking Weeks Ringle’s Craftsy workshop, Designing Modern Quilts.   Jenny claimed to be inspired by Weeks and loved how the craftsy classes work, particularly how you are able to drop in a note or question at the exact point in the class you want to give or receive input from the instructor.  This is really fresh Jenny!!


Paul sandwiches his Madrona Road Challenge piece.

Look at what Renee worked on…


Wow…just wow!

Sometimes we chat while we quilt…


and sometimes we don’t…



But we always have delicious food and we always have a great time.

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