SBAMQG Mask Collection (Second Collection)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our previous mask collections, which are now fulfilled!

We have new requests that have came in, plus a partnership with Pajaro Valley Quilt Association (PVQA)!

PVQA/SBAMQG Mask Project

Ruth coordinated with PVQA to see if we could help them with the requests for a large numbers of masks.
If interested in joining the PVQA/SBAMQG Mask Project, here are the details:

Pleated Masks for Valley Medical Center in San Jose

VMC will be providing the masks to people in a variety of non-clinical settings, for example cancer patients who need extra protection. Lori Green has designed a pattern which is made from one piece of fabric and it goes together really quickly. Lori’s mask works perfectly for this purpose. Check out the instructions in Lori Green Mask (pdf). Lori has also provided a video for visual learners: Lori Green Mask Demo (video). Note that you should use the video for the assembly technique but not the dimensions, corrected dimensions are in the pdf. These masks can be dropped on Pat’s porch – if you have any questions please email us at sbamqg@gmail.com.

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