2016 Row by Row Experience

At our January meeting, Tina Michalik, SBAMQG founder and former president, and current fabric expert at Hart’s fabrics, announced the 2016 Row by Row Experience. What is the Row by Row Experience, you ask? Here’s the scoop:

The Row by Row Experience (RxR) is sort of like a fabric store shop hop. But only sort of. Instead of having several fabric shops from a small geographic region link together for a weekend of activities, over 2500 shops in the USA and Canada will be participating for the entire summer. Visit as many of these shops as you can and collect a free pattern at each shop for their exclusive “row.” At the end of the summer, use your favorite patterns to make a row-style quilt in this year’s theme, which is “Home Sweet Home.” Did I mention that there are prizes? For instance, be the first to show your quilt (using eight or more rows) to a participating shop and win fabric. For more details, visit this website: rowbyrowexperience

Do you need more info? Watch this video: RxR video

Now here is the most special part. Our own Hart’s Fabric will be participating in the RxR this summer and they have asked us, the SBAMQG, to help them design the row for their free pattern. Here is what Hart’s wants from each of us:

Following the theme “Home Sweet Home,” design a row pattern.

-Row must be 36-1/2 wide (unfinished)

-Row may be no taller than 9-1/2 inches (unfinished)

Note: Your row may be horizontal or vertical, but must follow these measurements.

-Be creative and have fun with the theme! Any method is fine: pieced, appliqué, paper piecing, embroidery, etc.

A few notes from Tina:

Hart’s Fabric will select the winner from all who submit an original design within the parameters of the challenge listed above. Hart’s wants to encourage and partner with the Modern Quilt Guild so please bring a modern aesthetic to your design. Use of solids is strongly encouraged! Submission of design is due at the May guild meeting so there is still lots of time to think of and design something amazing! Hart’s Fabric will be featuring the designer and their row at the store, as well as selling kits all summer. Winning designer will also receive a $100 gift certificate to Hart’s Fabric.

Let’s get inspired and design something that will really stand out and have people asking for the pattern.

The pattern will be handed out for free to anyone who comes in the store and asks for it. It’s your decision how you present your pattern: black and white or color printing, to bag or not, freebie included (button, etc.)

What does “Home Sweet Home” mean to you? It’s going to be so exciting to see what our talented guild members come up with!



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