2020 Lone Round Robin

Hosted by Tina Michalik and Kathrin Brown

Due 1/5/2021 at the General Meeting!

The Lone Round Robin is off of the Norah Quilt Sew Along with Sunny Day Supply. Their blog offers tons of hints, tricks, and tips, plus you can search #norahquilt online or on Instagram. The Norah Quilt is based on a log cabin, sewing from center to edge of your quilt, in rounds. In order to make your quilt square, you can start off with a square center, while if you want to make a rectangle quilt, you can make a rectangle center, or any other shape you’d like to work with. Latifah Saafir also has a great step-by-step log cabin demo of a rectangular version with her “Stairway to Heaven.”

To unify our Lone Round Robin, Tina and Kathrin chose our center fabric, which was designed by Alexia Marcelle Abegg for Ruby Star Society +Moda, in her Alma collection: Field in Persimmon.

Field in Persimmon by Alexia Marcelle Abegg

Retreat participants will have a center block in their Goody Bag; however, this is open to all members and will continue after the retreat. If you’d like a swatch of fabric, email us! We have planned for this project to go into 2021.

“Rules” and tips:

  • The center shape you start with will dictate the finished shape.
  • You can make the center your own but we ask that you use the provided fabric in the quilt somewhere, preferably the center.
  • Tina and Kathrin have made rules for each log-cabin round and your version of this quilt, we will update this page as new rounds are started.
  • A full round will be considered 4 new strips around your center. Be consistent with either clockwise or counter-clockwise addition to your rounds.
  • Your quilt will be dependent on what choices you make in each round. Feel free to be a rebel like Tina and break the rules, this is your quilt!
  • You can vary widths to enable optimal use of scraps and leftover strips or feel free to use 2.5” strips or jelly rolls that may be languishing in your stashes.

Round Prompts

Starts November 6th at Retreat, Tina and Kathrin will introduce the Lone Round Robin project at 5:00 PM.
We will update the list below as more round prompts are introduced)

  • Round 1: anything you choose (November 6th)
  • Round 2: add a flying geese (November 6th)
    • There are so many ways to make flying geese. Here are a few, choose what you feel suits your skill:
      • See Fabric.com method for STITCH ’N FLIP, the link includes a size chart for your geese and has 2 additional methods to try.
      • No Waste Method from Bloc Loc
  • Round 3: include a piece of black fabric
  • Round 4: add a floral fabric – either an entire strip or a piece
  • Round 5: make striped fabric with 1” white and 1″black strips and include in this round
  • Round 6: include a polka dot fabric piece or strip
  • Round 7: include four HST
  • Round 8: include an Hour Glass block
  • Round 9: Handwrite or embroider a word or phrase about 2020 with archival ink pen
  • Round 10: Add a strip or piece of batik