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2020 QuiltCon Charity Quilt

It’s time for the 2020 QuiltCon Charity Quilt! This year we opened the design up to a guild vote. All submissions were excellent. After a vote…and a runoff vote, the choice was made for “Persisterhood.” The quilt design honors the women of our guild and the memory of those who taught us how to sew, quilt and break boundaries.

The background of the quilt will be made of flying geese in white and very light grey solid fabric. The word “PERSISTERHOOD” will be pieced with medium to very dark grey solid fabric. The quilt will likely be square, but the mock-up above provides a general idea of the lettering on the quilt.

Background Directions:

The background is made up of flying geese that will be low contrast to add interest and some texture to the background of the quilt.  The blocks should measure 2 ” x 4” finished, 2 ½ ” x 4 ½ ” unfinished. 

Fabric: Select solid fabrics, in the range of white to very light grey. If using Kona fabrics as your reference, Kona Silver is suitable for a light grey. 

Create the blocks: There are several ways to make flying geese. The four-at-a-time method can be seen in this video:

If using the four-at-a-time method, use one 

5 ¼” large square and four 2 ⅞ ” squares.


Letter Block Directions:

The letter blocks (or parts of letter blocks) will be assigned based on comfort level and availability of sewers.

The letters will be composed of traditional quilt blocks (e.g., half square triangles, ohio stars, broken dishes, drunkard’s path, orange peel). All letters will measure 8” tall finished (8 ½” unfinished) while the width of the letters may differ (e.g., an “I” will have a thinner width than an “O”).

Fabric: Select solid fabrics, in the range of medium grey to dark charcoal.

Create the blocks:   The lettering of this quilt is composed of 79 blocks:

  • 49 small square blocks (2” finished,  2 ½” unfinished)
  • 16 small curved blocks (2” finished,  2 ½” unfinished)
  • 14 large curved blocks (4” finished, 4 ½” unfinished)


If you feel so inclined, use the hashtag #sbamqgcharityquilt to show off your work via social media.

Please reach out to with any questions, concerns or comments!


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