Mocktails and Cocktails

Tamlin’s basics to making a drink:
determine what soda, fruit or herbs, and alcohol I have in my kitchen that might potentially possibly make a good drink and just mix them!

In a cup add some citrus or a juice or some soda, add some fruit or some herbs and muddle together, maybe some sugar or simple syrup, add some alcohol, or not!





Makin’ **it Lemonade

2 oz. Vodka (optional)

6 oz. lemonade

ice cubes

lemon slices

fresh mint
(alternatives: lavender, basil)

Muddle lemon and mint together

Add lemonade, optional vodka, and ice


Garnish with lemon & mint








Raspberry Sew Spritzer

3 oz white wine (chilled) or raspberry juice

1 oz club soda (or other carbonated beverage of choice) 


3 lemon or lime slices

5 fresh raspberries (really any fruit)

Add wine/juice, soda, and ice to glass

Mix gently

Add fruit