April Showers Bring Spring Quilts

Another month, another batch of quilts!

The March 22 Sew Day was another great success! The next Sew Day will be on April 26th from 9m-5pm at the usual location, the Community Foundation of SC County in Aptos. We hope to see you there!

Susan Raineri has officially stepped up to head the SBAMQG’s charity committee, which she has named PIF – Pay it Forward. The Pay it Forward committee plans to rotate through charities with new charity goals/deadlines every other month or so. Susan sent around a sign-up sheet for a PIF project due in May which is to make a 36″ x 45″ quilt for Jacob’s Heart. They need about 31 children’s blankets; if everyone makes one or two we can come very close and even exceed this goal. These blankets do not have to be complex. Simple quilts, even quilts with no batting and minimal quilting are great. The goal is to provide these children with something bright and comforting in their hospital rooms. The goal is to have something to show and share at the upcoming Mama’s Night Out event on May 11. If you have signed up, please bring a blanket to the May meeting, or arrange to get your blanket to Susan by May 10th.

If you have any questions about this PIF project, contact one of the guild officers or Susan through out Google Group.

After the business portion of the meeting, Jenny gave us all a very detailed tutorial on the Sparkle Punch quilt (our current guild QAL). Thank you Jenny! Those of us who have not started piecing ours are now very excited to start.

And then there was Sew and Tell:

And a huge “Thank You” to Amber, Lori and Chris who brought some seriously amazing pastries this month.

Sew long friends! See you at Sew Day!

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