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Block of the Every Other Month – ½ & ½ Log Cabin – Due January 2022

½ & ½ Log Cabin

Presented by Mickey Beebe

Final 1/2 and 1/2 Log Cabin block

Scandinavian Fresh Color Palette won our September vote

Pickle, Herb, Slate, Desert, Green, Sage, Mustard, Ochre

You will choose 2-3 colors for your block. The center can be the same color as one half of the block, or ANY color in the palette.

1. Start with two  2” blocks. Sew together.







2. Going clockwise around the block, add the next strip. Strips can be between 2” and 2 ¾”


3. Continuing clockwise, add 2 strips using your other color.
Press all seams open.


4. Round One is now done!
Use a ruler and rotary cutter to trim the edges.


5. You can trim extra fabric with scissors before opening up the seams.


6. Continue adding until you have three rounds.
Press all seams open. Trim.
Your block should measure 11.5” or more.


  • When finished, your block should measure 11.5” or more. The winner of the blocks can trim if necessary.
  • Use narrower strips on the inner row, and wider strips as you work out. This will ensure your block is  11.5” or larger.
  • It’s more productive to make 2 blocks at a time.
  • You don’t have to worry about your seam size. 
  • The next strip is always after your longest strip.
  • Press seams open. 
  • Sew with seam side up.

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