Block of the Every Other Month – Bolts – Due May 2020


By Lynne

This is the easiest BOTEOM ever!

Each entry consists of two strip pieces AKA strata. The background fabric is Kona Eggshell. Please do not substitute any other fabric for the background. While supplies last, you’ll get a 6” by WOF piece of the background fabric at the meeting. This is enough to cut two 2.5” strips. For the Bolt fabric, use any print in the chosen color scheme: Kona Gold (golden brown) Kona Ochre (golden yellow/mustard), Kona Caribbean (turquoise blue), and Kona Terracotta (rust/burnt orange). Prints may include other colors but should “read” as the palette color.

For each strata, you will need a 2.5 x 33” print strip AND a 2.5 x 29” Kona Eggshell strip.

How to measure and cut: From Kona Eggshell, cut a 2.5” strip from 42 inch wide fabric (folded in half as it came off the bolt). Keeping fabric folded in half, place the 14.5” marking on your ruler on the FOLD of your strip, and cut it with your rotary cutter. This will open out to a 2.5 x 29 inch strip. Be sure to have the FOLD under your ruler!

For the prints, follow procedure as above, but place the fold at the 16.5 inch mark on the ruler. This will open up to a 33 inch strip.

Sew each end of the solid to each end of the print. Yes – that’s what I said – you’ve now made a circle. Fold the circle so the Eggshell pieces are together. Cut the Eggshell piece crosswise once, but not in the middle! Offset your cut so the Eggshell is wider on one side of the print than on the other. Don’t cut closer to the seam than 6 or 7 inches or it will look too unbalanced.

Now make another one!

You’re done! Turn them in at the May meeting. Remember, each entry is two strata.

Skinny Strips Free Pattern by American Patchwork and Quilting


  • Darlene Talukder

    Hello All,
    I made my made my strips today and because I’m always thrifty with my fabric and want to keep my leftovers as large as possible, I did not leave my Kona Eggshell folded in half when I placed the ruler on the 14.5″ mark. Instead, I placed one selvage edge on the 15″ mark on my mat. I then folded the strip at the zero mark and when I made my cut at 14.5″ I was left with one piece remaining (rather than two shorter pieces). As a result after making my two strips I’ll have have two pieces of Eggshell leftover that are 2.5″wide and are long enough to go on either side of a third “bolt”. This third strip won’t be made with the circular sewing method but it will result in us getting more mileage out of the Eggshell fabric we were provided.

    The end result – I created three strips not just two. Have fun, this is a quick BOTEOM to make.

    • Darlene Talukder

      Thanks for taking care of us by tracking down more eggshell fabric. Having everyone’s stash represented in the prints is going to make this beautifully scrappy.

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