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Block of the Every Other Month – Circle in a Square – Due September 2020

July’s block is a very simple appliqué, presented by Laura Ryle.

There are only 2 rules:
1. You must use solid fabric only. Any color is ok, including black and white.

2. You must hand sew the appliqué.


Cut a 5 1⁄2 inch square for the background.
Cut out a 4 inch circle of another color.
The finished appliqué is a 3 1/2 inch circle. This is the size of your template.

Turn the edges under, using your technique of choice. Cut the excess fabric from the back.
The technique that I prefer is to cut a freezer paper circle the size of the finished circle (3 1/2”). Place your fabric down, with the wrong side up, then place the freezer paper with the shiny side up, on the wrong side of the fabric circle. I use a little fabric glue to tack the edges down and then press the edges so they stick to the shiny side of the paper. Be careful to only iron the fabric edges down so that they stick to the freezer paper, you don’t want the freezer paper to stick to your iron!

Center the circle on the background. There should be about a 1 inch border on each side. Hand appliqué.
Match your thread color to the circle.

If you would like an additional challenge, you can piece strips of solids and then cut your circle.

After the circle is sewn down, cut the excess fabric from the back of the circle, leaving a 1⁄4” seam allowance. The paper can then be removed.

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  • Regina A Falkner

    Hi. I have a small stash and it includes only 2 solids. Anyone have a few larger solid scraps I could have for this project? I’m happy to swap–I have a fair amount of batiks–lots of colors.

    This foggy weather is great for sewing, eh?


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