Block of the Month

Block of the Every Other Month – Split Rail Fence – Due March 2021

This month’s BOTEOM is “Split Rail Fence.” Elizabeth McInnis put the directions together for us!


In December we voted on the color scheme put together by Mickey Beebe: Georgia won, which is based on a Georgia O’Keeffe painting with Jade Green, Capri, Snow White, Titanium, Silver, and Blue Jay

Georgia Palette


From each of 5 colors, cut an 8” x 2” strip

From a sixth color, cut a 1”x 10” strip


  1. Sew the 8 x 2” strips together to make a rail fence block. Press.
  2. Make a cut across all four strips
  3. Sew the 1×10 strip to the cut edges. Make sure the ‘rails’ still line up.
  4. Press and trim the block to 8” square

That’s all!

Ideally, the insert will contrast with the parallel rails.

Let’s do this with fabrics that read as a single palette color.

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