Block of the Month

Block of the Every Other Month – Stitch and Flip – Due November 2021

Stitch and Flip

Introduced by Tina Michalik

Muted Autumn Palette

Block Palette
Background Palette

Hello SBAMQG quilters – our next BOTEOM is a fun and simple block with many design possibilities. Let’s review the stitch and flip method in pictures

First start with a background square. I used 4.5” low volume, neutrals. I used 5” squares for the fabrics in the palette and then cut them diagonally to make triangles. Here, decide how you want the angle to be and then put the fabrics right side together.

Next, sew on the diagonal you like, and trim away ¼” from seam

Using a 4.5” square up ruler, I trimmed away the excess

Voila! You have one block. If you happen to win the BOTEOM blocks, setting the blocks in a quilt offers many possibilities. Here are a few:

The following is borrowed from Ashely at Film in the Fridge from early Modern quilting days and her quilt called “flying farfalle” 🙂

And this one is my personal favorite

And one more…

Enjoy the palette and the process. 

I will put the palette pics and all of this in my instagram highlights at Littlebluecottage

I hope this method is clear – email or DM me if it’s not

Good luck to everyone!


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