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Block of the Every Other Month – Vintage Crossed Lines – Due January 2020

This month’s block was re-engineered by member Kathy Howard and was inspired by a vintage quilt block in a quilt shown by past President Lynne Nostrant!

Use Kathy’s detailed instructions and the color palette below to complete your blocks by the January 2020 meeting!


  • Darlene Talukder

    Hello Vintage Crossed Lines block makers,
    We have a few comments you may want to take note of if you are working on your blocks in the few days prior to the Jan 7th meeting.

    Leslie has made her blocks and suggests the following:
    -Where it says “Sew a 12.5″ background fabric strip to a 12″ feature fabric strip.” Both strips should be 12.5″ and making them a bit longer is even better. It would also be helpful to note that the 5 blue units should be cut to 2.5″ wide.
    -The step where you sew the top row of the block to the 1.5″ x 6.5″ feature fabric, and then a vertical background fabric strip to that, the background fabric needs to be 2.5″ x 5.5″.
    -It’s a cute block. Can’t wait to see them all in January.
    -Happy New Year, all!

    See you at the meeting.
    Darlene and Ruth

    • Cate

      2 color. The multicolor direction-block helps to show order of construction not colors of block.
      The 2 colors indicated are the background fabric and the featured fabric.

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