November 2016 Meeting Recap

The South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild rung in November with another great meeting and it was a REAL winner! We started out with a discussion of our “bucket list” quilts. It was interesting to learn about our guild mates’ dreams for future quilt accomplishments. There were so many answers to this question but we did notice some trends throughout the conversation. For instance, we really want to finesse our hand work, with hand applique, hand piecing, hand quilting, and hand embellishing all making the list. Equally as important, many of us want to complete a really LARGE quilt. We also have our sights set on some well-known patterns ranging from super modern to updated traditional. It seems that what we really want is to improve our skills while expressing ourselves as quilters, with impressive works that we can be super proud of.

Other notable items on the agenda tonight included our December meeting which will include the election for new 2017 guild officers, a book swap, a potluck, and the group challenge we are working on for our exhibit at the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association’s quilt show in February. Here is a peek at the challenge, which was presented by Karen Foster:

img_4605 img_4641

As mentioned at the top of this post, there was a lot of winning going on at tonight’s meeting. After drawing names for 11 door prizes, we drew a name for our fabulous prize basket for early 2017 dues payment. Congrats goes out to Muriel, the lucky winner of the basket! And, as always, our guild won big thanks to Hart’s Fabric for hosting our monthly meeting and offering members-only discounts. Tonight’s deal was on all solid fabrics and we shopped like crazy!

Apparently we have also been sewing like crazy, because we had so much to share! Here is a slightly edited down sew and tell:

img_4639 img_4650

Susan and Tina shared samples for classes they are teaching at Hart’s. Susan also shared a pair of log cabins:

img_4623 img_4613

Pam only finished eight tops this month. Here are a few:

img_4649 img_4628 img_4622 img_4611

Tiffany finished her 1/4-log cabin but made it her own with multi-colored ties, OMG!:


Tiffany also completed a couple of small quilts:

img_4648 img_4666

Merydith and Laura have been working with cute animals this month:

img_4607 img_4637

Karen and Pat shared some lovely triangle works:

img_4630 img_4653

Mary P. and Mary C. were thinking brights:

img_4646 img_4671

Gene shared an exotic wallhanging and Tina shared her unique Dresden plates:

img_4655 img_4651

And, we end with Chelsea’s new Single Girl and Merydith’s vintage Wedding Ring:

img_4606 img_4616

See you next month at our December meeting. You won’t want to miss it.

(photo credit Karen Foster)

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  • mickeybb

    Sorry I missed the meeting; it looked like a great one. (Thanks Renee and Karen for keeping us all informed!) If you still need a water women, I could probably handle that job. See you all next month. Mickey

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