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SBAMQG Member Wins at MPQA Show!

Talented SBAMQG member, Kathrin, was awarded a First Place ribbon in the “Large Quilts, Traditional, Machine Quilted” category at the Monterey Peninsula Quilt Association show, “Quilts by the Bay,” this weekend.  Kathrin’s prize-winning Glam Clam quilt was started in a SBAMQG workshop with Latifah Saafir last year and look how it turned out!  Congratulations, Kathrin!  It’s a beauty and is well-deserving of the honor.

Kathrin Kathrin2


  • Sarah El hadi

    I have come across the rainbow storm at sea quilt that was done by a lady called Miriam that was posted in November 2012.

    I will be doing a workshop for a storm at sea quilt very shortly and I wondered if it was possible to find out from her what fabrics she used ( they look like batiks) and if possible would she be happy to let me know how many fabrics were used in the quilt pattern ( or even to have a copy of the pattern or let me know where she got the pattern from!)

    I live in Cardiff in the UK .

    Many thanks and best wishes


  • Renee

    Hi Sarah.

    I know the quilt you are talking about. It is beautiful, isn’t it! Did you see it on our SBAMQG Flickr feed? If not, I know there are quite a few pictures of it there. Yes, I think it was batiks, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it so I can’t be sure. Unfortunately, it has been a couple years since Miriam has attended a meeting. I will ask our membership if anyone knows how to reach her and alert her to your note.


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