• Going to Stitch Modern!

    We’ve scheduled a field trip to see our sister guild’s show Stitch Modern.  The date of our outing is February 2nd.   We’ve planned an afternoon and evening of fun starting with gathering at the SueDee’s parking lot and jumping into Tina’s minivan at 1:30.  From there we’ll go on up to the East Bay and head straight to Piedmont Fabric and do some fabric accumulation and general poking around.  Later, we can refuel at Fenton’s Creamery.  

    We’ll then head over to Piedmont Center for the Arts and attend the opening reception for the quilt show.   It should be an incredibly fun day and evening!  Please join us!


    Although we know that some of you will be at THIS fabulous event:


    …with the fabulous Heather Ross and Gertie, two incredible designers and seamstresses extroidinaire!  Lucky Duckies – can’t wait to hear about all the fun!