Timna Tarr Workshop: Map Making with Fabrics

Timna Tarr flew out to teach us Map Making with Fabrics.

We had the option of prepping our own map, or Timna prepped maps of Santa Cruz County for us to choose from. We had 22 members and non-members attend this workshop, making for a good group of different maps. Everyone shared the story behind the maps they chose: grandparent’s land with old maps as they remember properties before city growth, favorite vacation places, places they grew up, etc.

Timna walked us through her process of preparing different types of map quilts, surprising us all with the many techniques she uses to develop her quilts. Some had piped roads, while others used blank spaces as roads. She taught us her double-sided heat bond technique of building her maps and a few techniques for attaching piped roads. We finished the workshop with a quick introduction to her Designing with Flying Colors workshop. Thank you Timna for visiting our guild!

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