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To Jacob’s Heart – Made with Love

Never underestimate the power of love (or a quilter for that matter 😉 Payitforwards3131

When members Susan Raineri, Mariah Flanagan and Pat Goulet decided to spearhead a charity quilt committee, none of us had any idea how much our guild could do in such a short time-frame.  The first project for our committee; make enough quilts to create a quilt for all the kids served by Jacob’s Heart in Santa Cruz who are fighting cancer.

Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services mission is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and support their families in the challenges they face.”

We then learned that 31 kids are currently being helped by Jacob’s Heart.  Was it really possible for our guild to made that many quilts in as many days?  Despite the wild enthusiastic response at our meeting, we were concerned that we could meet the deadline.  Leaving out even one child was not an option.     We had our list of ages, and gender of each child and we got to work.  We started seeing progress on our Flickr page.  Oh, maybe we could make one more for an older boy, someone asked.  We got together and pieced and quilted in our homes and at Mariah’s restaurant Woodfire Woodie.  We emailed, texted and checked in with each other throughout the month.  Some of us made one or even several more than originally promised.


And at the May meeting, we all brought the quilts we had finished, and this is what it looked like:


We had actually exceeded our goal and the grand total ended up at an incredible 36 quilts!!


During the meeting, members sat and attached labels to the backs of the quilts and we shared what we had made with each other.  The happiness in the room was evident on everyone’s faces.

It was decided that the extra 5 quilts will be donated for the auction that will be held at “Mama’s Night Out” an annual fundraiser that benefits Jacob’s Heart that will be held this Saturday in Santa Cruz.

Our guild plans on many more projects to Pay it Forward, but our first project will always hold a special place for us as when we remember how we were able to stitch 36 quilts with love.  Here are some more examples of the quilts…














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