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You Are My Sister – Another Quilt to Support Community and Wellness


Once again, our guild was called on to stitch and create in the name of community.  Heather Ross, a favorite fabric designer who hails from Santa Cruz was asking our community to help support her sister.  On her blog she writes:

“My twin sister, Christie Danner, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her prognosis is very good. Unfortunately, her insurance (the private, catastrophic sort) is not. Christie is a mother of three and works full time as an advisor and intervention counselor at a high school in the Santa Cruz mountains, and is an integral part of her close knit community She is also the glue that binds my (somewhat functionally challenged) family together. She is never the person that asks for help, she is aways the one who gives it.”

Naturally, we sprung into action!  Susan came up with a concept, a block size and a deadline.  She gave direction and we all started making 15″ low-volume blocks with a sprinkle of navy.  Off we went, and soon we had the blocks made.  Karen and Susan got together and pieced them together.

youaremysister 1

Nice work!  For more close-ups of individual blocks, you can see them on our Flickr page HERE (link has been disabled).

Susan from SueDee’s was incredibly generous by donating her beautiful  quilting.


Photo by Adrianne Ove, Little Bluebell.

Our quilt was one of many many donated items from all over the country.  Crafters and companies gave generously.  It was an incredible evening all stemming from the incredible energy that goes into these things.  The crafting community is a generous, giving bunch and it was that feeling that was in the air.  Heather was auctioneer for the larger ticket items and it couldn’t have been more fun to watch her happily saying “Going once….twice….SOLD!”  for the first time ever.

The most heated auction item was easily for this incredible quilt made by our own Anne Sullivan.  The Jumbo-er Star

jumbo-er star

There were two bidders who fiercely wanted this quilt, and finally one bidder relented and it sold for $325!  Way to go Anne!

Heather and her family were there to celebrate and enjoy the evening, and we’re so glad we were part of this fabulous project.

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