• 2023 Mini Quilt Challenge #4

    Due at the August 1st general meeting.

    Karen Foster put together our Mini Quilt Challenge #4: Cheers Challenge.

    For this challenge, use a favorite mug as inspiration for a quilt. Choose your own emphasis: design elements, literal fabric motifs, or color story, for example.

    This is stash friendly – solids, prints, repurposed fabric. Any size or type of quilted item. Make it Modern!

    Example of inspiration from an ocean animals mug
    Examples of inspiration from a pink Paris mug
    Example as inspiration for a “tea cup” challenge design where the handle and physical shape of the cup was the source of inspiration.
  • 2023 Mini Quilt Challenge #2

    Mini Quilt Challenge #2: Due April 4th

    1. You must use 3 of the 5 colors you are given. If you would like to participate and you have not received a palette, email us at sbamqg@gmail.com and we will send you a photo of your palette with Kona fabric names. 
    2. You may add light or dark neutrals for a background, and lighter or darker shades of the 3-5 colors from your palette.
    3. Your finished quilt can be any size for this challenge.
  • 2023 Mini Quilt Challenge #1

    January 2023 Color of the Year challenge Presented by Laura Ryle.

    Due March 2023

    • The 2023 Pantone color of the year is Viva Magenta. Pantone says: This year’s color is powerful and empowering. 
    • It is a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self expression without restraint, an electrifying, and a boundary-less shade that is manifesting as a stand out statement. 
    • Pantone Viva Magenta welcomes anyone and everyone with the same verve for life and rebellious spirit. It is a color that is audacious, full of wit and inclusive of all.

    The challenge rules:

    1. You must use magenta. You can use any other colors in the quilt. Fabrics that are similar to Viva Magenta include Paintbrush Studio Sangria, Free Spirit Solids True Red, paintbrush Studio Cherry Blossom, Michael Miller fuchsia, Kona K001-481 Sangria (see The (not so) Dramatic Life.com)
    2. The number 23 should be represented in the quilt in some way. For example, you could use 23 pieces, 23 pieces of a certain shape, 23 magenta pieces, etc.
  • SBAMQG 10 Year Anniversary and Basket Swap

    September 2021 marks 10 years that SBAMQG has been a guild!

    Do you recognize some of the SBAMQG members who have been here since the beginning?

    Taken Oct 2012 for the SBAMQG one year anniversary

    10 years is a cause for celebration, so join us in person September 21st for cake at the Mid-County Senior Center! Pam Rocco (front right in this original members pic!!) will also be showcasing her quilts in a mini show during the in person meeting. Proof of vaccination and masks are required to be at the Mid-County Senior Center.

    Anniversary Basket Swap

    Members – please see your email for a Google Form to register for the basket swap, due September 28th.

    You will be given your partner’s information by our October General Meeting.
    Post your completed basket photo on IG #10yearsofSBAMQG. We will exchange in person at the Dec 21st 3rd Tuesday meeting.

    The basket swap theme is 10 — include the number 10 somewhere on your basket as a reminder of our anniversary!
    Fill your basket with some goodies for your partner (chocolate, notions, fabric, etc.), please be mindful of any allergies or preferences they list on their submission.

    There are so many good basket tutorials and patterns online. This is a list to help give ideas, but feel free to choose any basket that suits your and your swap partner’s preferences!

    Each image below links to the free pattern.

    SewCanShe Woven Basket
    SewCanShe Rectangle Basket
    SewCanShe Square Basket
    SewCanShe 10″ Squares Basket
    Fabric Mutt The Pixie Basket
    Fabric Mutt The Pixie Cup
    By Annie Petit Four Baskets