Pam Rocco Workshop

How lucky are we at the SBAMQG to have the incomparable Pam Rocco as a member, friend, and guild Vice President? We definitely know how lucky we are and we make use of her experience, knowledge, and wonderful energy every way we can. Last week, for instance, we enjoyed a workshop with Pam in which she taught us how to make her famous 1/4-Log Cabin quilt. As many readers know, Pam writes a monthly column for Quilter’s Newsletter magazine. (Her writing is entertaining and her quilts are outstanding!) This particular quilt, which was featured in a recent QN issue, has proven to be quite popular and you can read about it and get a free pattern here: Quilter’s Newsletter.

As for our workshop, it was a great way to spend a rainy day and we had so much fun!

Pam instructs her eager students:


The SBAMQG always appreciates a good trunk show (this is just a peek):


IMG_9280 IMG_9279

Here we are, hard at work:


Elaine works super fast:


Here’s some early progress. It appears that many of us were inspired by Pam’s blue and green quilt:


But quite a few of us had other ideas too:


It will be exciting to see what we come up with. Thank you Pam – it was so much fun!

(photo credit Karen Foster, Chelsea Hard, Renee Tallman)


April 2016 Meeting Recap

This week, the fantastic Hart’s Fabric in Santa Cruz, CA, again hosted the SBAMQG for our monthly meeting, and it was another good one. We started off with a fun walking foot quilting demonstration by our VP, Pam Rocco. Pam showed us all the secrets and tips she learned from Jacquie Gering’s Craftsy workshop and it was super informative. Here’s Pam hard at work and a sample of her walking foot quilting:

25662843053_f256dc07be_z IMG_2164

Next, President Chelsea Hard initiated a group discussion about batting. We talked about our favorite batting brands and fiber contents, we shared our personal pros and cons in regards to batting, and we got many questions answered on the topic. Most importantly, we were inspired to try new things. It seems that wool batting is extremely popular with this group of quilters. Who knew?


Special guest Michelle Mattson from the Rebele Family Shelter attended tonight to say thank-you to the guild for donating our 2015 QuiltCon charity quilt to them. She told us that it will be displayed proudly in a public area of the shelter after an upcoming remodel. Hopefully our work will bring cheer to the shelter.

Other news included the introduction of the colors and guidelines for the 2017 QuiltCon charity quilt. Treasurer Gabrielle Robles announced two exciting workshops with some very esteemed quilters: Latifah Saafir is coming in June for an exclusive bias tape workshop and Sherri Lynn Wood is coming in November for an improv workshop. You won’t want to miss these opportunities so get signed up soon! Our friends in the East Bay Modern Quilters group are having their annual Stitch Modern show starting this weekend and it sounds really fun. Lastly, time is running out to reserve your spot for our fall retreat. Don’t miss out!

Sew and Tell this month was a visual smorgasbord featuring lots of modern, along with some traditional and art quilting items. Here you go:

26216702882_d1dea59deb_z 25706379173_b037b1d4fb_z

Karen showed her mini quilting bee beauties.

26199377821_a51b364751_z 26216693552_3660f17a87_z

Tami and Laura showed their minis as well.

25706385293_404688c581_z 26265574055_6b0f2cd04c_z

Speaking of Sherri Lynn Wood and Latifah Saafir, Tami and Gabrielle shared finished works inspired by those talented ladies.

26242896151_6d7ded7990_z 25662855633_ae2b8ae28c_z

26199359401_b5c636b667_z 26199415621_12a33471ac_z

More eye candy!

25662883293_d70e67398b_z 25662886743_34d4343d6a_z

Merydith is known for quilt backs that are as beautiful as the fronts.

26265557425_de6e5edc33_z 25992723870_c37f29d2f6_z

As is Gabrielle!

26265600655_b2fd22343b_z 26283183836_cfdb64d69e_z

Sheila’s fabulous color and some polyester!

26239657316_7e2ecd13b3_z 25660797894_6bd05349b4_z

Susan showed some classics.


And art quilts came for a visit as well.

See you in May!

(photo credit Karen Foster)




SBAMQG Has A Local Showing

February was a busy month of quilt shows for the SBAMQG. QuiltCon West was in Pasadena, February 18-21. Just a week later, the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association, which is a large traditional quilt guild here in Santa Cruz, had their annual show at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. As they have done in the past, the PVQA graciously invited us to have our own exhibit within their show. We put together a striking display showing a nice variety of our work and did a lot to educate the public on modern quilting.


We showed off some of the small quilts we made for our modern quilting design element challenge. Shown above (clockwise from upper left) are challenge quilts by Renee Tallman, Laura Ryle, Lori Green, and Karen Foster.


Pam Rocco’s challenge quilt, Merydith Fox’s quilt from Pam’s Stacked Bricks workshop, and Pam’s quilt from our Much Ado About Nothing workshop with Tina Michalik.


Two chair-themed challenge quilts by Pam Rocco, and Merydith Fox’s quilt made from assorted Freddie Moran workshop blocks.


Two of Renee Tallman’s updated orange peel quilts, along with challenge quilts by Gene Ratcliffe, Elaine Hebard, and Pamela Stein.


Lynne Nostrant’s Fair Isle quilt, along with Jeannie Land’s challenge quilt, and Pam Rocco’s deconstructed courthouse steps.


Two challenge quilts by Lynne Nostrant, and Renee Tallman’s scrappy drunkard’s path.


Two examples of Pam Rocco’s wonderful improv.


A pair of Modern Amish by Mickey Beebe.

IMG_3573 IMG_3581

Several SBAMQG members also had quilts scattered around the main show and I was able to get pictures of a few of those as well. Here are two churn dash variations by Mickey Beebe, including a Judges Choice ribbon winner for Churn Dash Boogie-Woogie!

IMG_3575 IMG_3576

Karen Foster’s Amish Lattice and Perspective.

IMG_3569 IMG_3578

Gene Ratcliffe’s Amish-inspired Bars/Extreme Values, and Laura Ryle’s Chicken Marsala.

IMG_3585 IMG_3583

Carole Rossi showed two beautiful improv designs: Winter Abstract and On The Fulcrum.

IMG_3587 IMG_3571

Libby Ernst’s Churned Up, and Lori Green’s Home Sweet Home were both colorful and sophisticated.

Thank you to the PVQA for again including us in their show. All in all, it was a wonderful February of quilt shows for the SBAMQG, but there’s no time to waste. There’s always another show on the horizon, so let’s get quilting!

(photo credit Renee Tallman)


QuiltCon West 2016 Report

The Modern Quilt Guild’s international conference and show, QuiltCon, was a few weeks ago and the members of the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild could not have been more excited to participate! QuiltCon happens every February in various locations and this year it was just a 6-7 hour road trip away, in Pasadena, CA, which made it easy for many of our members to attend. The MQG prepares for QuiltCon all year and all the hard work results in an amazing four-day event that we really look forward to.

People come to QuiltCon from all over the world to immerse themselves in the very best in modern quilting. We attend workshops and lectures by well-known instructors. We view hundreds of beautiful and unique quilts that have been carefully selected for the show. There are excellent prizes in various categories of quilting and there are fun quilting challenges. There are special exhibits of quilts made by legendary artists and a huge collection of charity quilts made by Modern Quilt Guild chapters around the world. Many of us are able to volunteer at the show and it is really fun to be a part of the action. We enjoy spending time with old and new friends and meeting up with acquaintances from social media.


Trading buttons is another fun part of QuiltCon. Here, a happy quilter shows the beginning of a superb button collection!

For the SBAMQG, the best part of the show was the fact that we had such a strong presence. A large contingent of our members was able to be there, several of whom had quilts in the show (including prize winners), and our charity quilt “Dovetailed” could not be missed.

lecture panel mickey karen

Here is our charity quilt displayed on the lecture hall stage and modeled by SBAMQG members Mickey Beebe and Karen Foster.

mickey's ribbon

We were also very excited to see that Mickey’s quilt, “Eichler Homes,” won first place in the EZ Quilting Triangle Challenge category.


As if that was not enough, “Eichler Homes” was also pictured in a QuiltCon banner outside the Pasadena Convention Center during the show! We are so proud of Mickey!

Other SBAMQG members had quilts in the show too:


Pam Rocco shows her “House Plan” quilt which is, yes, a floor plan of her house.

IMG_3526 IMG_3538

Anne Sullivan had a few quilts in the show, including “Mountain Sunrise” and “Transcendence.”

IMG_3543 IMG_3545

Here are Tami Levin’s Amish-inspired “Songs of a Distant Lancaster” and “Putting on the Glitz,” which was made for the Michael Miller Glitz fabric challenge. It is also important to mention that Tami long-arm quilted a few other quilts in the show, including “Eichler Homes” and “Mountain Sunrise,” (both shown above.)

For many members, the socializing is as important as the quilts themselves. Here are just a few of our members who managed to pop into a photo or two:


Gabrielle, Lori, Chelsea, Pat, Emily, and Laura make a happy group.

karen barbara C. carolyn I

Karen, Barbara, and Carolyn stop for a smile.

Carol K, anne Anne Julia

Anne pals around with Carole and long-lost SBAMQG member, Julia.


Chelsea shows off her workshop progress.

karen chelsea gabrielle

Karen, Chelsea, and Gabrielle smile sweetly.

lori pat

Lori and Pat are having too much fun during their volunteer shift.

Time to start planning for QuiltCon East, in Savannah, GA, February 23-26, 2017. Hope you can make it!

(photo credit Karen Foster)