2016 Fall Retreat 10.21.16-10.23.16








This lovely group met long before the retreat to create the swag bags for all of the attendees.

Some of the completed bags.  All ready for quilters to arrive.


Half  of the attendees arrived on Thursday for an early set-up and it was Ladies, start your sewing machines.  After enjoying a pizza and salad dinner, it was on for sewing, sewing, sewing.

Friday Morning and afternoon groups 1 and 2 arrive.

This day was filled with creating our individual projects with a couple demonstrations by members interspersed.  Chelsea demonstrated a method for cutting bias strips.  Then Pam demonstrated her slice and shift method of construction.

Saturday involved two more demos.  Tina demonstrated bowl creation using clothes line rope (of course, the backdrop contains some of her new creations), and Gene demonstrated sashiko embroidery.

Later in the afternoon a dice game was played with Gene winning all the loot — or clips.  She scored.

Lori’s baby quilt for their step-step great-grandaughter, stepson’s stepson’s daughter — “Modern Family” new addition.    All love.

And to toot my own horn, I’m pretty happy with this quilt I created for a friend who is sick. As quilters, that’s what we do.  And besides, it lasts longer than cookies.


Watching Karen turn all of these above into

this masterpiece was a real treat 🙂  True artist, this girl.

Sunday started with door prizes of fabulous quilting stuff donated by generous sponsors.  We managed to gather everyone for a group photo to document that we were all there and had a fabulous time. And then time to bid adieu to another great retreat and start looking forward to next year.


Hope to see everyone next year.

Photo credit goes to Karen Foster. Thanks so much.

And an extra huge thank you to Gabrielle for all of her planning and making this work.



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