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California Curves block – SBAMQG’s QuiltCon 2021 Community Outreach Quilt Challenge

Due November 1st! Final photo of quilt due November 30th to MQG.

Please track your progress on instagram with #sbamqgcommunityquilt2021. Completed blocks can be dropped off by November 1st at Pat’s house (Capitola) or mailed directly to Elizabeth. Please email for delivery/shipping address.

Although the 2021 QuiltCon looks quite different next year, SBAMQG is still excited to participate in virtual workshops, shows, and of course the Community Outreach Quilt Challenge. Our 2021 quilt will be donated to an organization in Santa Cruz County helping with those impacted by the CZU lightning complex fire.

QuiltCon’s 2021 Community Outreach Quilt Challenge theme is Curves! To read more about the complete guidelines including quilt size, equivalent theme colors in different brands, and rules, see The MQG’s challenge post here.

Thank you to Elizabeth McGinnis for submitting the chosen block for the outreach quilt, aptly named “California Curves.”

If you are queasy about sewing curves, there are numerous tutorials on youtube.  Here’s one:

California Curves

Color Palette for 2021 QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt
Example Blocks

Cut (5) 12” squares from 5 different fabrics, using the QuiltCon palette (bright white, apricot/mango, tiger/dark orange, sky blue, cobalt blue, indigo)

Fabric hints:  If you use white, use a pure white, or “arctic” white.  An off-white will look dingy with these colors.  If you use a print for the colors, be sure that it doesn’t introduce a new color.  Small prints look better.

Making the block:

    1. Stack the 5 squares. With chalk, lightly draw 4 curves on the top square, to make sure you like the spacing of your curve.  The curves do not need to be perfect arcs or echoes. Make sure to leave at least 1-2 inches on the last, largest curve to allow for seam. allowance
Stack all 5 of your 12″ squares and draw 4 curves on the top square

2. Cut gentle curves through all five layers, following the chalk lines, using a sharp rotary cutter (or scissors). Use one hand to hold the fabric squares in place so they don’t move while cutting—watch your fingers!

3. Shuffle the stacks – Move the top layer of stack 1 to the bottom; move the top 2 layers of stack 2 to the bottom; move the top 3 layers of stack 3 to the bottom; move the top 4 layers to the bottom; leave stack 5 as is. You can also arrange your pieces on a design wall until you have 5 blocks that appeal to you. Each block will have all 5 colors in a different arrangement.

Gently cut curves in the stack of 5 blocks, then arrange the strips into unique blocks.

4. Using the top layer from each stack, fold each piece to find the midpoint. Match right sides together at the folded midpoint. If you prefer to pin, place pins about 1 inch apart, starting from the center out to the edge. Starting with the first two inside pieces (light blue & indigo in the example above), match the curves and stitch using ¼” seam allowance, gently easing the curve.

Make a crease at the center of each strip to help align centers. Sew each strip together.

5. Repeat with each of the 4 curves. When each block is finished, press seams outward. Repeat for each layer of stacked pieces. You will end up with five different blocks. They will look fairly wonky at this point.

Blocks look wonky at this point, need to trim!

6. Trim the blocks to 9.5 inches and you’re done!

Example Blocks

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