• President’s Quilt Blocks

    Hello SBAMQG!

    Your former President, Chelsea, here! Why? Well, let me tell you!

    In year’s past, former Presidents were made quilt blocks of their choosing by the guild to show member appreciation for their years of service. This idea seems grand until you’re the former president and you’re asking people to make you stuff in the middle of a pandemic, which feels sort of weird and uncomfortable, but here we are!

    So as I retired, I was approached with a request for my plan and I began to plan or as some of you may know, agonize over my plan. This quilt block or that quilt block? This color scheme or that color scheme? I once had a near meltdown over choosing a bathmat in an attempt to redecorate. I don’t make decisions lightly. I don’t like to have extra stuff. I just want to have things I really LOVE (Marie Kondo takes credit for this, but I think I did it first). And this quilt was extra important to me because it was going to come from all of you.

    And then the current board was like “Uh… a plan?” and I was like “Working on it!” And then another month went by and maybe another month and then COVID dropped on us like a bomb. While we’re still working through all our feelings about social inequality, quarantine and the how our pants don’t seem to fit quite right anymore, you can rest easy in the fact that I have made a plan!

    The Plan: You will pick-up a kit consisting of one 3″ strip of chambray to make a scrappy 4-patch block using the color palette of this super fantastic vintage sheet I found for the backing. Each kit has enough fabric to make four 4-patches! If you used a different print for each square that would be super nifty!

    • Fabrics I’d love to see: Small prints, stripes, dots, gingham, floral or anything that fits the vibe and color scheme of the sheet.
    • Fabrics to avoid when making your 4-patch: Solids, solid like (Grunge, Essex linen, etc.) & Batiks
    • Making the Patches: Sub-cut the 3″ strip into 3″ squares. Pair those together with fabrics from your stash to make a 4-patch as shown below.
    • Pressing: If you’d press toward the chambray, I’ll happily nest my seams in the final quilt! Maybe even hand quilt it! I’m still in quarantine, anything is possible!
    • Pick-Up/Return Details: Check out guild emails for details on when and where to grab your kits and return your blocks!

    A Final Note: I just want to say, I really valued the four years that y’all allowed me to be your President. I enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you in a way I probably would not have in the general membership. Being President defined my identity for those years and led me towards creative opportunities like teaching sewing and quilting that I might not have explored otherwise. When I look at this quilt, I already know a little TV sitcom highlight reel will play in my head. Thank you for the highlights!

    The Color Palette 

    The Block

  • 2020 QuiltCon Charity Quilt Design Contest

    It’s that time of year again! We are getting ready to kick our Charity Quilt Committee into full swing and we need your help! Inspired by the guest hosts for the BOTEOM, we know that our guild is bursting with talent and enthusiasm for design. As such, this year we are hosting a charity quilt design contest to help us determine the design for this year’s quilt. Members will submit designs based on the official guidelines posted by the Modern Quilt Guild. The guild will vote electronically prior to the July 2019 meeting to determine the final charity quilt design!

    How to enter:

    • Review the official, MQG guidelines for the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge. The theme this year is TEXT.
    • Make a copy of the official entry form and submit it along with a photo or sketch of your design to SBAMQG@gmail.com
    • Entries are due by July 1st

    Please do not hesitate to submit whatever design you wish. While we will not censor your submissions, the board reserves the right to refine, edit or consolidate entries on the basis of feasibility.

    We look forward to seeing all your wonderful designs! And please reach out with any questions or concerns.

  • Block of the Every Other Month – Wonky Quarter Log Cabin

    Our newest block of the month is the Wonky Quarter Log Cabin Block, brought to us by Anna and Kathryn!

    How to get started: 

    • Use the instructions linked here to make your block. While Quilt Dad makes his blocks BIG, we would like your finished block squared up to 8 1/2 inches!
    • Our color palette for this month is inspired by Degas’ Dancers at the Barre painting.
    • Use Kona Charcoal for your center square (provided at the meeting).
    • Use solids or prints from the color palette below for your strips or logs. Any brand is fine.
    • Complete as many blocks as you’d like.  Each block is an entry into the drawing for the block lotto.
    • Bring your finished block(s) to the July meeting for a chance to win them all during the block lotto!

    Fun Tips from Anna & Kathryn:

    • Make it wonky!
    • Make some rows fat and some rows skinny!
    • Add a fun slice/insert to some of your logs!
    • Start on the right side of your center block and then do the top!
    • Make it wonky some more!


  • Handmade Sewing Notions & Organizer Swap

    Hello SBAMQER Swappers! Are you ready for our next big swap? This year we are hosting a handmade sewing notions and organizer swap! Here are some important dates relating to the swap:

    • Sign-Ups: April 2nd at the Monthly Meeting
    • Partners Assigned: May 7th at the Monthly Meeting
    • Swap Due: July 9th at the Monthly Meeting
    • Swap Levels: Small or Large!

    What do we mean by Small or Large? Well that’s sort of up to you! Small or simple projects are less of a time investment, while large projects tend to be more complex. Here are some ideas we had for both options!

    Small Notion or Organizer:

    Large Notion or Organizer:

    Don’t let our suggestions stifle your creativity! Have an idea? Jot that down on your sign-up form (paper or electronic). Want to break the mold and design your own thing? Go for it! Check out Pinterest for ideas (so many options for needle books & pin cushions over there!).

    We can’t wait to see what you make!