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Block of the Every Other Month – Sidebar – Due July 2020

July’s BOTEOM is brought to you by Lynne

This is a simple, wonky block with endless design opportunities depending on how you rotate the blocks.

Example layout of a few Sidebar blocks

We will be using solid colors only (thank you to Mickey for putting together our voting palette, the winning color combination is Émile Alain Séguy Dragonflies.

For this block, you can use tints, shades, and tones of above colors. Black is to be used for sidebars.


Fabric needed for each block:

Four-patches = Four 4.5” squares of the palette colors. You may use two, three or four colors

Sidebars = One each 2 x 8.5” and 2 x 10” black strips

Fabric Layout
  1. Sew the four-patch together
  2. Add the shorter black strip to one side
  3. Sew the longer black strip to an adjacent side
Sewn together, but untrimmed block

Make a trimming template by cutting off 2.5” from the top of an 8.5×11” sheet of paper.

Trimming Template
Painters Tape










Lay the template on your block, rotating it slightly so it’s off-center. (Adding a small roll of painters’ tape to the back of the template will keep it from sliding.)

Trimming Template laid on block

Lay your ruler along one side of the template and trim off the excess.

Trim excess from block

Repeat for all four sides.

Yay! You’ve made a wonky Sidebar!

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