February 2020 General Meeting


Member Spotlight: Terry Pohle

Terry Pohle kicked off our first member spotlight.T erry took us on a journey from some of her first quilts in traditional piecing through her newer modern quilts. She talked about her favorite thing to do while quilting: make it bigger! She showed some enormous quilts! Terry shared over 23 quilt tops and tons of blocks yet to go into a quilt top. At the end she shared her sketchbook, which she uses to doodle possible quilt designs. We were all impressed with the breadth of work from Terry and loved learning more about her quilting life.

A member asked Terry “When is the last time you bought fabric?” Terry’s answer was, of course, “Yesterday!” For images of some of Terry’s quilts, see our Instagram post:


We voted from three color palettes and “Fabulous Colors 2” won the group vote for May 2020 BOTEOM. Kona Gold (golden brown) Kona Ochre (golden yellow/mustard), Kona Caribbean (turquoise blue), and Kona Terracotta (rust/burnt orange) with Kona Eggshell as background fabric:


Isabelle shared her great pattern testing of Cotton and Bourbon’s Indigo Radial pattern.

Sew and Tell

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